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Backpacking Europe

Backpacking Europe Grand Tour

Get tips and advice to help you plan and book a backpacking Europe experience to die for! Whether you’re taking a short holiday or going gangbusters backpacking around Europe for 6 or more weeks, you can plan and book your next adventure with Bakpak.

Explore our trip ideas, read our travel tips and book a range of travel options including Eurail passes, backpacker tours, Europe campervan rentals, Europe hostels and travel insurance.

Backpacking USA

Backpacking USA Yosemite National Park

The US is a big country with super-sized options – how will you choose to experience the States? Never fear, Bakpak will help sort you out your backpacking usa trip, whether you want to rent a campervan, hire a minivan or find a cheap car rental for the ultimate road trip experience or buy an Amtrak Rail or Greyhound Discovery Pass and see the sights with the locals, or book a backpacker tour and join fellow travelers on a trek of a lifetime.

Explore our trip ideas, read our travel tips and book a range of travel options including coach and rail passes, backpacker and independent travel tours, USA campervan rentals, USA hostels and travel insurance.

Backpacking Canada

Backpacking Candada Lake Louise Kayaking

Have you ever inhaled the pristine majesty that is Banff National Park? Gotten lost in the Canadian Wilderness? Kayaked with killer whales or peered under the edge of Niagara Falls? If not, you’ve come to the right place to plan and book your backpacking Canada adventure.

Explore our trip ideas, read our travel tips and book a range of travel options including backpacker and independent travel tours, campervan rentals, Canada hostels and travel insurance.

Backpacking Australia

Backpacking Australia Sydney Opera House

How do you want to backpack Australia? 4WD the largest sand island in the world then sail the pristine Whitsunday Islands aboard a Yacht. Hike through the world's oldest rainforest then visit the underwater wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Learn to dive, surf or sail - even get certified then stroll along beautiful, white sandy beaches. See dingos, kangaroos and crocs then soak in the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Sydney and Melbourne.

However you choose, Bakpak Dave, a qualified Aussie Specialist with Tourism Australia can help you plan and book your adventure of a lifetime down under! Submit a trip inquiry today

Backpacking Europe USA Canada Australia


Welcome to Bakpak Dave's Website and Guides to Backpacking Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Whether you are a first-time adventurer, solo traveler, female backpacker or semi-pro, we can help you plan and book your backpacking adventure of a lifetime...Happy Travels!

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