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Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

by Michael D Newman

Along the dry, arid plains of Tanzania, a snow-capped goddess is calling your name. Towering through the clouds, dressed in a moonscape terrain that shocks the mind with wonder, she is calling your name. And as the drums beats of Africa quietly roll on, the rock named Mt. Kilimanjaro stands proud and seductive, calling your name.

For centuries and centuries the African people believed that a god lived on top the mountain, and would not go near it for fear of death. When early European explorers first reported that there existed a mountain with a snow capped peak in the heart of Africa, the aristocrats and government would not believe. Now Kilimanjaro is the fear and disbelief you must face, you must conquer, and you must overcome. And when you do, you will know how is feels to kiss the sky and stand on the roof of Africa.

Many people have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro over the past twenty-five years and now it is your turn. Over seven days and six nights you will be lead up and down the mountain by an experienced Tanzanian guide, who will share with you the rich history of the mountain. The hike will take you through lush, dense rainforest, past a unique desert like terrain found nowhere else in the world, and finally up to the snow capped peak itself. You will be able to watch the sun rising over the East African plains as you descend down from the top of the tallest free standing mountain in the world.

Throughout the next twenty-five years, the glaciers that rest on top of Kilimanjaro will have completely melted away. Why wait for time to pass you by when you can be there quickly and comfortably. Easy access to Kilimanjaro International Airport allows you to reach the mountain from several major ports including Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Atlanta, and Johannesburg. So don’t let this opportunity of a lifetime wash away. Come to Tanzania, gaze in awe at the majesty of this African goddess – and then go to her, as she calls your name.

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