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Have you ever...peered UNDER the edge of Niagara Falls?


At the mind-blowing Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and America, you look over the edge and feel the incredible surge of energy in your body as water tumbles down at a rate of six million cubic feet per minute, or one million bathtubs full of water each sixty seconds. Electricity is in the air, and it is easy to understand why crazies are inspired to jump over the cascade in wooden barrels or why Niagara Falls is still the number one destination for honeymooners. Niagara Falls crackles, snaps, and pops. Besides just staring in amazement over the edge, you can take a misty boat ride out onto the waters at the bottom of the falls, climb down a series of ladders and staircases to the earthen bottom, or explore the caves along the cliff sides. You will get wet.

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