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Have you ever…caught your breath at the top of Grouse Grind?

Right outside the back door of Vancouver is a stairway to heaven, a grueling hiking trail named Grouse Grind that will challenge you to the limit with its extremely rugged terrain and steep ascent. Three kilometers of hiking, climbing and crawling await you, ready to test your endurance, persistence, and calf muscles. Originally conceived as a training course for mountaineers, the Grind quickly became legendary worldwide for its difficult slope (45 percent gradients) and now thousands of enthusiasts mount Grouse Grind every single day in the summer. At the top not only will you find a spectacular view that reaches all the way to the USA, but also a high definition cinema show, a lumberjack comedy performance, and an ice cold Canadian beer and gooey cheeseburger from the cafe. Indulge, then take the return ride via the gondola and toast yourself as the newest member of the Grouse Grind conquerors.

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