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Have you ever…gotten lost in the Canadian wilderness?


The scenic beauty of Canada is the stuff that singers croon about, that poets dream about, and that hikers, well, that hikers get lost in. From the snow-dusted mountains of the west coast to the maritime coastlines and mossy rivers of the east, the wilderness of Canada beckons you to go off-road and take that step into the unknown, to slow your footfalls to match the rate of your heartbeat, and to sit around the campfire for just a little longer. Take care, though: when setting off into the Canadian backlands, the last thing you want to do is lose a day of your trip or even worse, a toe, because you failed to check the weather forecast, bring proper gear, or hire a guide. Come to Canada to get lost in the beauty of the wilderness, but don’t forget- the best part about being lost is getting found!

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