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Have you ever…kayaked with the killer whales outside of Victoria?


The resident orcas of Puget Sound are mysterious creatures of the deep who surface only to breath, eat, play, and give kayakers near-heart attacks at the unexpected sight of an eight-ton marine mammal. Orcas travel in maternal family groups known as pods, and just by looking at their tails, boat guides along the coast of Canada will be able to identify the dolphins with their poetic names: Luna, Indigo, Tika, Aurora. Whale-watching boats leave from Victoria on a regular basis, some even using Zodiac rafts to get up close and personal with the incredible mammals. But the best way to encounter an Orca is by yourself or with a few friends in a kayak on the sea alone. Although no one with guarantee a whale sighting, witnessing an Orca surface silently beside you will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life, guaranteed.

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