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Summer Travel to Canada


Summertime in Canada is like the brilliant gem in a glistening crown. Warm days and cool nights await you as the continent heaves with life- Canadians don’t waste one minute of a precious sunshine-filled day! Maritime communities in the eastern province of Nova Scotia come alive to lobster season, and the epic Cape Breton Island becomes passable for tourists to drive. Canada was made for camping; families head out into the Yukon to retrace the sad steps of gold rushers, and kayakers paddle out and around Vancouver Island, stopping at a thousand hidden inlets and bays. The cities sparkle as well, and nightlife all over Canada finally swings into gear and clubs are packed with locals and tourists alike. Summer is a great time to find a job in Canada, and thousands of students are called to seasonal work up north to support their studies as well as their party habits. With long, sunny days and cool, clear nights, you will still need a jacket in the Canadian summer and probably won’t use that bikini- but with all the amazing scenic and adventure pursuits available, you won’t even miss it. 

  • Grab your friends, rent some canoes, schedule pick up transportation and then paddle out onto one of Canada’s soft-flowing rivers and let the world pull you along.
  • Visit the French-speaking villages in Quebec province and catch a glimpse of a small but surviving culture unlike any other in the world.
  • The amazing ski resorts of the Canadian winter become the amazing hiking spots of the Canadian summer, with hotel rates a fraction of the price- might as well indulge in the room with a hot tub!
  • Music and art festivals abound in the summer, from local barbeques to the world’s largest street festival in Toronto, the Caribbean-flavored Caribana.
  • Whale watching season kicks into gear around Vancouver Island; book a boat tour or get up close and personal with the orcas on a kayak.

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