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Winter Travel to Canada

They don’t call it the Great White North for nothin’- Canada is one big frozen icicle pop throughout the winter months. Layer after layer of snow piles up across the country and earns Canada’s ski resorts their legendary status worldwide, from Whistler in British Columbia to Mont Saint-Anne in Quebec. However, as long as you dress appropriately with multiple layers, wool socks, hardy foot wear, a warm hat, scarf and gloves, winter in Canada will be no problem and in fact can be quite fun if you indulge in some of the many frosty activities. Dog sledding, ice fishing, ice skating, snowshoeing and sledding join skiing and snowboarding as winter activities that shine in Canada. And don’t forget the national pastime of hockey; with pick up games on every frozen pond and professional games in every major city, it would be a crime to leave the country without hitting a puck or at least cheering on your favorite players. Christmas in Canada is celebrated with rich, soul-warming dishes and crackling fires, and the holidays spent in the Old World cities of Montreal or Quebec City become absolutely magical, as the snow falls through twinkling lights and you make your way through the charming city streets. 

  • Already know how to ski? Take a snowboard lesson at one of Canada’s ridiculously huge ski resorts like Lake Louise, Banff, Grouse, or Whistler.
  • Catch a hockey game and scream with the best of ‘em when the blood bounces on ice. Toronto has the Maple Leafs, Montreal has the Canadiens, and Vancouver has the Canucks.
  • Frozen nose got you down? Head underground for some retail therapy! Many Canadian cities like Montreal have extensive underground malls so that people can still shop with the weather sucks.
  • Indulge in poutine, a belly-warming and heart-burning national dish: French fries with cheese curds and brown gravy.
  • Don’t do snow? Visit Vancouver on the west coast where the seaside climate stays mild and the snow stays on the mountains and out of the city.

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