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Working in Canada? Learn How to Get your Tax Refund

Starting employment in Canada has its many benefits and is considered a dream opportunity by many international migrants. When you’re working in Canada, you’ll pay 15-29% income tax on your earnings, but this doesn’t need to be lost money. Most foreign workers overpay taxes and are therefore due a tax refund when the tax year ends or when they return home.

As an international migrant or student working temporarily in Canada, you could be due a Canadian tax refund if:

  • You only worked for part of the year
  • You changed jobs or took on extra work while abroad
  • You paid tuition fees and many others

A common concern amongst temporary workers who are reaching the end of their employment contract and making plans to return home is whether or not they need to file a tax return.  In our experience, we recommend you file a tax return to make sure your tax affairs are in order in case you want to return to Canada to work.

International workers often qualify for tax exemptions (tax credits) that can be used to decrease your tax liability and increase your tax refund, but this is not usually taken into consideration by the authorities unless highlighted in the official tax documents. Using a professional tax advisor is recommended in order to ensure that you get the maximum legal refund you are entitled to.

For professional assistance with your Canadian income tax return, Bakpak Dave recommends using the agency taxback.com. This is an ISO 9001certified company with more than 15 years of experience in filing and securing International tax refunds. It is recognized as an outstanding service provider and has received a number of awards including the Ernst & Young ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award and the Deloitte ‘Best Managed Companies’ award.
Applying for a tax refund can be complicated but their simple and secure Canadian tax refund service makes claiming your tax back easy. They will get you back all the tax you've overpaid in Canada as well as any additional expenses you may be entitled to.

The benefits of using this service include:

  • Free refund estimation
  • No Refund No Fee - you’ll only be charged 12.5% + handling fee of the refund received, subject to a minimum fee of $62.50 + handling fee.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – you can contact a taxback.com representative via phone, email, or using online live chat
  • Receive an online taxtracker® account to monitor the progress of your tax refund.

The free tax refund calculator will give you an instant refund calculation so you can see how much you’re owed or you can submit your tax return application.

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