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Canadian Hop On/Hop Off Tours: The Pros and Cons

Hop On/Hop Off tours are a very unique type of tour. Also known as jump-on/jump-off tours, it’s a great way to travel cheaply and at your own pace. While on the bus it’s a tour, but you can get off at designated points along the way and catch the next bus coming through! However, hop on/hop off tours aren’t for everybody. To help you decide if it’s for you, here are some pros and cons of hop on/hop off tours.

o   Transportation to premier and off the beaten path destinations.
o   The flexibility to spend as long as you want at a particular destination.
o   At each destination, you are free to do whatever you want.
o   You can meet people from all different walks of life while on the bus.
o   Reasonable prices make it great option for budget travelers.
o   Takes you to places you wouldn’t normally visit.


o   The buses may not travel to all the destinations you’d like to visit.
o   You have to time your trip around bus arrival/departure times.
o   You may get stuck with the same people for an entire trip!
o   Some of the destinations the bus visits may be out of the way of your intended destination.

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