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Toronto to Montréal


The two most dynamic cities of Canada, Toronto and Montreal, are your starting and ending points of this choose-your-own-adventure journey. Choose north and head up through Algonquin Park, or take the low road through Kingston and drive along the coast of Lake Ontario. Either way, your senses will delight in the Canadian cities’ charms and cultural pursuits, and you will get a nice sampling of eastern Canada.


See all of Toronto (and maybe all of Canada) from the city’s CN Tower and catch a live show or band at night. Spend a night under the stars and with the elk in Algonquin National Park OR enjoy fresh seafood right off the boat in Kingston and hit the Byward market for unique gifts and souvenirs. Drink chai with the students of Montreal’s Latin Quarter and go out for a night of dancing in the city’s burgeoning electronic music scene. Try the poutine.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Toronto
Ending Point: Montréal

Time Frame: 7 to 10 Days

If you want more time in the great outdoors, choose the slower, more scenic northern route and travel from Toronto through Algonquin Park to Ottawa to Montreal.

If you are more into city life, choose the faster, less scenic southern route and journey from Toronto through Kingston and Ottawa to Montreal.

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