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Toronto to Tadoussac


This itinerary takes you through a wide portion of eastern Canada where you will visit four of the country’s top cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Much more than city streets, however, you will also get up close and personal with Canada’s wildlife, like whales and moose, as well as the wild natural scenery of the clean and pristine country.


Spend a few days exploring the charms of Toronto from the buzzing nightlife to the epic CN Tower to the shopper’s paradise of the Eaton Centre. Explore the forests with the elk in the Algonquin National Park OR enjoy a steaming bowl of seafood chowder in the maritime city of Kingston. Debate philosophy with fine arts students in the Latin Quarter of Montreal pack some poutine for a picnic in the Parc du Mont-Royal. Discover the history of Quebec City from the old town ramparts to a delicious Nutella crepe, and finally go nose to nose with the whales from your launching port of Tadoussac.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Toronto
Ending Point: Tadoussac

Time Frame: 10-14 Days

If you want more time in the great outdoors, choose the slower, more scenic northern route and travel from Toronto through Algonquin Park to Ottawa to Montreal; if you are more into city life, choose the faster, less scenic southern route and journey from Toronto through Kingston and Ottawa to Montreal. From Montreal continue on through Quebec City, stopping for a few days, and end up in the tiny village of Tadoussac for whale watching.

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