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Eurail Pass Purchase

Bakpak Dave has teamed up with STA Travel to offer you the best prices on Eurail Passes - even cheaper than Rail Europe!
When you purchase your Eurail Pass from STA Travel* using the links below, Bakpak Dave will give you a unique code that will get you 5% off hostel bookings. On a 3 week trip to Europe, this can save you $25 or more!

To receive your 5% off Hostel Bookings code: purchase your rail pass from STA Travel
using one of the links below and then email Bakpak Dave with your full name, purchase date, rail pass type and order number. Don't forget to use the links below before you make your rail pass purchase in order to get your hostel discount code!

Eurail Global Passes

Eurail Global Passes include the Eurail Global Consecutive Pass and the Eurail Global Flexi Pass. Both passes provide travel for up to 23 countries!

Eurail Select Passes

Eurail Select Passes include the Eurail Select Consecutive Pass and the Eurail Select Flexi Pass. Both passes provide travel in 3-5 bordering countries!

Eurail France-Italy Passes

Britrail Passes

Eurail France-Spain Passes

Regional Eurail Passes

Single Country Eurail Passes

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