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Getting Around Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a great place to walk or rent a bike to get around and see the sights. Alternatively, you can take the trams, trains, buses and metro operated by the GVB. The buses and metro are mostly for suburban traffic. However, the metro is useful for traveling between Centraal Station and Amstel Station. The metro runs from 6am-12:15am M-F (from 6:30am Sat, 7:30am Sun).Trams and buses start at the same time and go to midnight. After midnight, the night busses kick in and all go to and from Centraal Station. To ride the trams, buses and trains you must purchase single ride tickets called Strippenkaarts. The number of tickets you need depends on the zone(s) you are traveling and the length of time you want to travel (i.e. to take advantage of free transfers). A single ride requires 2 strips for 1 zone and is valid for one hour. You can transfer to other trams, buses and metro trains for free within the validity time. Strips costs from 1.60 for 2 to 7.30 for 15 or 21.60 for 45. You must validate the correct number of strips or you can be subject to a fine if caught. Most of central Amsterdam falls within one zone (Zone Centrum).

The GVB day/multi day tickets provide unlimited travel on the GVB buses, trams and metro. You can buy one pass that lasts for 24hrs (7) to 96hrs (18.00).  The cost of weekly and monthly unlimited travel passes depend on the zone(s) you are traveling within. A one- zone weekly costs 12.10, while a one-zone monthly costs 40.00.

Bike Rental

There are many bike rental companies. Check around Centraal Station. Rentals cost about  9-10 per day and usually require a deposit of 20-50.