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There's much more to Austria than Mozart, the Sound of Music and fine coffee including Bakpak Dave's Austrian mother-in-law.



The birthplace of Mozart and the site of Julie Andrews’ Sound of Music, Salzburg remains a city of music, culture and art. At every turn you can either tire of, or indulge in the genius of Mozart (tours, museums etc.) and play out the splendor of the Sound of Music (tours, memorabilia etc.)  Aside from being inundated with these two Salzburg claims to fame, the city is truly beautiful and picturesque. Rimmed with views of the beautiful Alps, its Baroque character is perfectly preserved in its magnificent architecture, including beautiful palaces, abbeys and museums.  To See/Do: Mozart Square and birthplace, Schloss Mirabell, Residenz, Festung Hohensalzburg.


Vienna surpasses her Austrian counterparts when it comes to culture, art and history.  Once the mecca of European culture in the 18th and 19th centuries, hosting all the great musical geniuses from Beethoven to Mozart, you can’t help but still feel the richness and grandeur of a once glorious empire.  Amidst beautiful historic Baroque architecture there also exists a modern-day culture that invites you to take part in a lively and thriving youth scene.  Whether you spend an afternoon in a traditional kaffehaus or take part in the cool club and bar scene, you will have the best of both old and new. To See/Do:  Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere (palace), Hundertwasserhaus, Museum of Fine Arts.


With images of lederhosen, yodelers, endless snow-capped mountains and pretty little villages, the Tirol region is post-card-perfect.  In the winter it is the premier destination for avid skiers, particularly Innsbruck, which has many excellent resorts.  In the summer, feast on glorious greenery, mountain lakes and superb hiking trails. The main central town of Innsbruck is filled with much history, culture, folklore and natural beauty, making it an excellent base to explore the entire region. 

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