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Part of the Benelux region, Belgium is just a train ride away from Amsterdam and Paris. It's a destination that should not be overlooked.



Known for its chocolate, beer and waffles, Brussels is not as picturesque as Bruges or exciting as Amsterdam. But, this thousand year old city is fast becoming a multi-cultural center as people from all over the world have taken up residence here, including a large French speaking African culture.  Filled with its historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and crowded alehouses, it’s worth a stop over. To See/Do: Musee D’Art Moderne, Grand Place, Bourse, Manneken Pis.


Once the premier center of Flemish art and culture, Antwerp today simultaneously offers her visitors a glance into the golden baroque age of past centuries while providing an artistic haven for cutting edge contemporary culture.  When exploring the historic narrow, winding streets take in the great masterpieces of artists such as Rubens and Van Dyke, browse through countless modern galleries and shops and gawk at the world-famous diamond district.  When you’re finished, you can turn in any direction to find a friendly pub or alehouse.  Take a nap, then head towards the dizzying and much celebrated club scene. To See/Do: Rubenshuis, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Diamantmuseum (6) and Grote Markt area.


One of the most visited cities in Belgium, you’ll feel as if you stepped onto a medieval film set.  Bruges’ medieval architecture and character is perfectly preserved and invites many visitors. But don’t let that deter you from exploring its ancient streets, acclaimed museums and tons of fun pubs and cafés. To See/Do: Groeninge Museum, Markt and Burg squares, bike tour.

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