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A large influx of revolutionary, creative and bohemian people from all over Europe has created a dynamic, exciting and youthful energy here.


While Paris and London have traditionally served as the centers of changing European culture, attracting active and radical people from around the world, today the real modern European cultural hot-spot is Berlin. Here, the constant reminder of their difficult history in turn spawns new innovations and forethought. Berliners think in grand terms: they see their city becoming the future center of Europe, bridging the gaps between Moscow and London, Stockholm and Rome. With a cutting-edge arts scene, terrific cafés, imaginative modern architecture and distinct and vibrant neighborhoods, it is impossible not to leave Berlin impressed, if not awestruck. Surprisingly, Berlin is far from being over-touristed. Walking the streets, you will not see crowds following umbrellas or busloads of camera-toting foreigners. Berlin should be visited for its pulsating social and cultural scene that is original, new and inspiring.

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