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Off the beaten path in Bosnia-Herzegovina there is much for the independent backpacker to discover on his/her own.


With few must-see attractions, the draw of the country lies in the easily accessible people and incredible natural beauty. It is also serves as a harsh and sorrowful lesson on the effects of war. Travel anywhere by bus and you will see the endless streams of utterly demolished houses. They are striking alongside the gorgeous aqua rivers and grand mountains.  Despite the constant historical reminders of violence, Bosnia is a safe place to travel.


Located three hours by regular bus service from Sarajevo, this is a good choice if you are interested in Bosnia-Herzegovina beyond the capital. Visually it is more appealing than Sarajevo. The gorgeous green Neretva River runs through the medieval town valley. The old town is cute and although destroyed in the war, Stari Most, or the old bridge, will be functional again. There are several Turkish Houses which depict life during Ottoman times.

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