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Things to See & Do in Budapest


Tourist Information

For comprehensive and relevant advice, visit the Vista Travel Center, at Andrássy útca 1 (M1, 2, or 3: Deák tér).

Areas & Attractions

Castle Hill
The only part of Budapest that one might really call “pretty.” The reconstructed area is made up of pastel colored baroque houses, the beautiful Matyás Church and the city’s historic castle. This is, however, where very few of the city’s 2 million residents live or go out; this is almost exclusively a tourist center.

Andrassy Útca
For a tour of Budapest history walk down Andrassy Útca. Along this street you will pass the city Opera House, many historic cafés from the turn of the century, and at the end, you will reach Hero’s Square and City Park. This is the street the Soviet tanks rolled down in 1956. 

Public Thermal Baths
Budapest is the only European capital city that resides over constantly flowing thermal waters. A must do for any visitor is to take a break from the bustle of the city and relax in one of the many public thermal baths. Gellért baths are the most famous, but Széchenyi baths in City Park are also wonderful, less touristed and always co-ed and straight. Széchenyi Baths cost 3,600ft, Gellért costs 3,200ft, and Rudas costs 2,500ft.

Margaret Island
For respite from the pollution and mayhem of Budapest’s streets, head to either Margaret Island (Margitsziget) or City Park (Városliget). Margaret Island, located smack in the middle of the Danube, is a beautiful mix of open fields and lush gardens. It is a great way to truly see the grandeur and beauty of the Danube. It is accessed via the Margaret Bridge (Margit Hid) by buses 26 or 26A. 

Food & Nightlife

As one of the cheapest cities in Europe, take advantage of Budapest’s culture and finer luxuries. Treat yourself to classical music or opera as well as fine dining. Go to Liszt Ferenc Ter for bar/café hopping.