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Bright and Breezy Barcelona


If you are looking to sum up Barcelona in one word, in a city as large and eclectic as this Spanish gem, it is possible: colorful. A warm ocean breeze sweeps across you, and the Spanish sun beats down, making everything much more vibrant. To get an idea of how vivid and playful this city is, start by visiting the most famous street in town, Las Ramblas. This mecca for tourists stretches from the beautiful blue ocean into the heart of the city lined with a variety of shops, street artisans and most unique to Barcelona, street performers. These eccentric characters are a defining feature of the city. They line the pedestrian boulevard on each side ranging from fantastic magicians to a human butterfly that literally transforms right before your eyes. Every performer stakes his own spot, has his own costume, and has a way of luring you into watching his every move. Only in some cases, your inquisitive look is all-to-suddenly wiped right off your face as he jumps out of a box and scares you silly. Just so you don't think you've dreamed all this craziness, they too descend from their soapboxes and like any group of co-workers, take a lunch break.

Speaking of food, Las Ramblas boasts some of the best. Outdoor cafes and restaurants abound, but if you are more adventurous, look no farther than La Mercat de la Boqueria. This huge outdoor market is a feast for the senses. If the dazzling array of fruits and vegetables at the entrance alone is not enticing, you only need to continue deeper toward the back of the market. There you find vendors serving delicious and affordable full meals. To top it all off, you won't want to walk out without trying a colorful and unusual fruit drink that just about every vendor sells. Here's your chance to try some of the most interesting combinations such as coconut-kiwi or strawberry-blood orange. The drinks capture the essence of the market, sweet and satisfying. With a full stomach and a desire to see more, continue exploring Barcelona through the rainbow of color and creativity of the architectural masterpieces by Antoni Gaudi.

This famous architect's whimsical style is expressed in some of the city's best sites. Each Gaudi landmark is incredible; they are bizarre and fantastical works of art that draw you into a web of fantasy. Venture to see his three unusual and innovative Casas that are set among normal stores, making them that much more extraordinary than anything you've ever seen. Be sure to visit the continually-under-construction, but none-the-less impressive La Sagrada Familia Catherdral. The Cathedral looms over you as a capricious and awe-inspiring feat, surprising you with every detail from every angle. Finally, do not miss the sprawling city park, Guell Park. Guell Park is like walking into a Dr. Suess book; it is colorful and fun, charming you from the very moment you walk the grand mosaic entrance. Once inside you will find yourself in a network of flowering pathways that lead you through an outdoor maze of mosaics, archways and a chance place to rest and take it all in. Guell Park is surely like no other; it encompasses what Barcelona is all about, the ability to amaze your eyes in a kaleidoscope of color, all the while entertaining you to the fullest. In the end, being surrounded by so much brilliance each day, you will feel so satisfied that closing your eyes to sleep will be much welcomed.