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Lisbon’s Palatial Hostel


Travelers have tons of hostel options to choose from when backpacking Europe. You can stay in a former monastery or a hostel with a pub. You can choose an 800 bed hostel in the heart of London or a wee little hostel in the countryside. And now, thanks to Equity Point Hostel’s latest addition, you can sleep in a former palace on a hostel budget.

With their latest hostel in Lisbon, Portugal, Equity Point earns points for charm, history, decor and comfort. This hostel scores a perfect 10 in my opinion.

Equity Point chooses to embrace the history for the buildings that houses their hostels, and the Lisbon location is no exception having been built around 1800 to house a wealthy Lisbon family. The building has been completely refurbished, but the original fireplaces, ceilings and floors remain.

The interior is classic Lisbon with a modern twist. It’s youthful and welcoming with large common areas with televisions and Wi-Fi. After a long day exploring the cidade das sete colinas or city of seven hills, relax in the hostel’s chill-out area, sample a local brew in their bar, or head to the kitchen to cook up goods you procured from local markets that day.

To get to know the hostel better, I asked the manager to answer a few questions:

What makes your Lisbon hostel unique from the other Equity Point hostels?
Actually, all the Equity Point Hostels are worth visiting. They all have something special about them. Equity Point Lisboa is a new hostel, located in the heart of the city. It has amazing common areas and it's really easy for guests to get along with other travelers. Lisbon has 7 hills and we are located on one of them so most of our big rooms have fantastic views over the city.

How would you describe the decor?
Cool and laidback!

What has been some positive feedback from guests? What seems to be their favorite part about staying with you?
We have a great staff at the hostel. Everybody works with a lot of joy around here and we love to get along with guests. Apart from that we have great facilities, comfy and laid back atmosphere and we are right on the center, between downtown and Bairro Alto, the nightlife district of Lisbon.

When did this hostel open?
November, 2010.

Anything you'd like to add?
Come on over and see for yourself!