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From its historical landmarks to its magnificent Mediterranean beaches, Greece is a destination unto itself.


The “Emerald Island” is the most tropical of all the Greek isles.  Cliffs of lush greenery and sloping hills plunge into sun drenched beaches and blue azure waters. Without losing its hospitable and entertaining character, this delightful island has more of a pastoral feel than the other, more arid, Greek islands such as Ios and Santorini. Several resorts are ideally tucked into the nooks of seaside hills - from popular and lively accommodations, such as the renowned Pink Palace, to more intimate and peaceful lodgings. You can always find something to suit your tastes/needs. Nightlife is mainly centered in town, so pretty much everyone’s there...meaning it can get somewhat raucous! Corfu is a little bit of everything for just about everyone.


Sort of like the never-ending Mardi Gras of the Mediterranean, Ios is a place where you party ‘til dawn and sleep it off on the beach with a beer in your hand. The small whitewashed town of Chora, perched high on a hill, is the center of it all.  Lots of bars, cafés and nightclubs are clustered together amidst beautiful churches and squares. At night the small cobblestone streets are teeming with zealous partygoers from all over the world. During the day, relax on the beach or rent a small moped and tour the island taking in the magnificent views of the surrounding sea, cliffs and occasional palm tree.


Hauntingly beautiful, Santorini is justifiably the most photographed of all the Greek islands.  Its serene beauty and intrinsically Mediterranean flavor subtly and calmly seeps into your senses. The result of past volcano eruptions created a dramatic jagged coastline contrasted by the deep blue Aegean sea and sunny sandy beaches.  Picture perfect whitewashed villages carved into steep cliffs sit atop some of the most spectacular views. There are 11 different towns to check out, especially Ia (striking coastline and quaint village with museums, bars, cafés and beach) and Thira/Fira (magnificent architecture, bars, discos etc). Note that Santorini is the most southern of all the Greek islands (9 hour ferry ride from Piraeus).


The sprawling ruins here are a UNESCO World Heritage site. They include the Olympic Arena and the Temple of Zeus, which once housed the colossal gold-and-ivory cult statue of Zeus (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world).

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