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London defies all expectations. This cornerstone of western civilization is hip yet traditional, edgy yet gracious.


Whether you’re seeking the hippest club or looking for a dose of history and culture, London does not disappoint.  Packed with all forms of entertainment, stylish shops, grand monuments, museums and of course, British wit and hospitality, it is an exciting playground for just about everyone.

Go for a ride on a double-decker bus, grab a pint at an old ale house, get your ration of Shepard’s pie or beans and eggs. Also make sure you indulge in the numerous international delights and festivities in town.  One of the more alluring, and often surprising, facets of London is its rich cultural diversity. England’s colonial legacy has today marked its capital as one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. There are tons of ethnic enclaves and neighborhoods brimming with little restaurants and shops serving up some of the most delicious meals and displaying interesting knickknacks from around the world. Indulge in its cosmopolitan flair and you’ll find London at once captivating and inviting, sophisticated and down to earth.

Beware of your cash flow, though. London is far from a budget traveler’s dream - it has the second highest cost of living worldwide next to Tokyo. Plan carefully in terms of lodging, meals and traveling around and you’ll be treated to an exceptional experience unrivaled by any other city in Europe.

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