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Getting Around London


London’s subway system, the Underground (the “tube”), is probably the most famous in the world. One of the first to be built, the tube today runs as well as any other in the world. It is the best and most efficient way to get around London. A single fare is based on zones and ranges from £1 to £4. You can purchase the Travelcard for only £5.60 (zones 1 & 2) which can be used on the tube, buses and light rail after 9:30am daily and all day on the weekends or £7.20 anytime. The 3-day card costs £18.40 peak. The weekly card is only £25.80 (zone 1-2). You can now also purchase the Oyster pay as you go card which allows you to put money on the card and use it as needed. The fares are £1-2 cheaper than purchasing a cash fare.

Please note that the London tube map is not always geographically correct -some subway stops are very far apart — often not what most consider walking distance.

Don’t forget the infamous double-decker buses. These icons of London are great for sightseeing around town and essential after midnight when the tube stops running. The letter “N” before the number denotes the night buses. Single fares cost .90p to £2. The Travel Card is valid on these buses.