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Getting Around Paris


The public transport system, RATP, is comprised of buses, trams, suburban trains (RER) and the Métro (subway). RATP tickets are used interchangeably on the bus, Métro and RER. Ticket prices vary depending on the zones to which you are traveling (the city center is in zones 1 and 2).   A single fare is 1.60 or you can save money by purchasing a ten-pack or “carnet” for 11.40. Free maps are available at any Métro station. The English RATP Information line is (08) 36684114 and costs about .34 per minute.

The Métro is the cheapest and best way to get around Paris. You can use a travel pass (below) or purchase a ticket at the station. Métro tickets must be validated before boarding. The Métro operates from 5:20am-1:20am (2:20am Saturday nights).           

The RER express trains run underground through the city center into the surrounding suburbs, including to the Versailles region. You can use a travel pass (below) or purchase a ticket at the station. Each RER station requires your ticket in order for you to leave the station. Trains run daily from 4:45am - 1:30am.

Buses run daily from 5:30am – 8:30pm. You can use a travel pass or purchase a ticket on the bus. If you are traveling late at night, you will need to catch the Noctilien (12:30am - 5:30am), which costs 1.60 or use the Carte Orange or Paris Visite pass. 

Paris Visite Pass

This visitor pass allows you unlimited travel on the entire RATP network for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days and for zones 1-3, and 1-6. Fares range from 8.80 (1-day,  zone 1-3) to 48.40 (5-day, zone 1-6). It also gives you discounts at various tours, attractions, museums and restaurants. Purchase at main Métro, RER stations and tourist offices.

Carte Orange Pass

The weekly pass is a great value if you will be in Paris for more than 4 days. You can also use the Carte Orange if you need to go to or from the airports (get a zone 5 for the airport). The pass allows you unlimited travel on buses, RER, Métro and trams. You need a passport size photo to purchase this pass. Weekly passes cost from 16.80 for zones 1-2. A zone 1-5 pass (valid to/from airports) costs 33.

Mobilis 1 Day Pass

The Mobilis 1 day pass offers unlimited travel on the metro, buses and RER. Costs from 5.80 for zones 1 to 2.