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Prague, for simple physical beauty, is one of the most enchanting places in Europe.


The peaceful nature of the Czechs has left their prized city unscathed by wars. And, it seems that every last inch of the city’s seemingly endless historic center was sensitively labored over for years to produce some of most spectacular and beautiful buildings imaginable. Prague is the city of fairy tales - a city where visitors are dumbstruck that nearly every street could be the prettiest one they have ever seen.

Beware though - countless visitors have flocked from around the world to Prague’s beautiful, narrow streets. More than any other city in Europe, the strains of a booming tourist industry are evident, especially during the summer. Authentic Czech restaurants and cafés are difficult to find. It is hard to hear Czech spoken and the energy of the city is often more akin to a tourist resort than that of the cultural, political, and financial center of a growing European nation.

But don’t let the other tourists scare you away. Prague is still ridiculously cheap! If you step just a block or two away from the popular tourist spots, you will find that the old-world sparkle of Prague still shines brightly. The amazing buildings, squares, and streets alone are enough to alter one’s view of the world. Once you have seen Prague, your perception of beauty will be forever changed.

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