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Getting Around Europe


Trains, planes and automobiles, plus coach, hop-on/hop-off tours, backpacker tours and camper rentals. There's no shortage of ways to make your way around Europe. It all depends on your budget and what tickles your fancy.


Rail Passes

If you've always dreamed of Rail Europe, then splurge on a Eurail Global Pass, 21 countries and lots of other transport goodies. The Global Pass costs anywhere from $529 for a 10 day pass for youth 26 and under up to $1,066 for a 15-day first-class ticket. If you just want to sample Europe by rail, then you can hop on the Eurostar from London to Paris or Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam via Brussels. If just exploring one country by rail - there are a multitude of single-country passes to choose from. Check out Bakpak's Rail Pass section for more details.

Budget Airlines

Europe offers a vertiable feast of budget airlines serving Europe for as low a 1 GBP each way (plus taxes). These airlines often utilize smaller, regional airports and are no-frills flights. But most destinations in Europe are just a few hours away so no worries. Get more info on budget airlines.

Backpacker Tours and Hop-On/Off

You can see all of Ireland, Scotland or England in three to six days on a small-group backpacker tour or you can jump on a loop tour that takes you around specific regions of Europe. If you would simply like to see Europe in 2-3 weeks on one organized tour just for the young and adventurous, you can do that too. Check out our backpacker tours section for more details.