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Quiz: Is Backpacking Europe for Me?


Whether you carry a satchel, a rolling bag, a duffle or the traditional backpack, traveling around Europe can be the adventure of a lifetime and a trip that can influence the rest of your life. Many intrepid travelers consider the tour of Europe as a quintessential rite of passage, however others need convincing that the experience will be worth the cost, time and effort – and that they’ll be able to handle the culture shock. Is backpacking Europe for you?

Answer the following yes/no questions to determine if a trip to Europe is in your near future.

  1. Would this be your first trip to Europe?
  2. Have you always dreaming of traveling through Europe?
  3. Do you have the funds for a Europe trip, or can you save enough money before you go?
  4. Would you be able to travel for two weeks or more?
  5. Are you a student, unemployed, or currently have a job that would allow you to take time off to travel?
  6. Do you consider yourself adventurous and open-minded?
  7. Are you comfortable traveling solo or spending time on your own exploring?
  8. When you go to local restaurants, do you like to try new dishes that you have never heard of before?
  9. You miss the train, lose your toiletries kit or book your hostel reservation for the wrong night. Be honest: instead of freaking out, can you handle it with a calm state of mind?
  10. How do you feel about living out of a suitcase or backpack for a month?
  11. Does attempting to speak another language while traveling appeal to you?
  12. Are there any European destinations you are dying to visit?
  13. Do you like meeting new people and making friends while traveling?
  14. Do you know how to be frugal in order to make your money last?
  15. Have you planned a trip before, even a short road trip or weekend with friends?
  16. Are you physically healthy and able to walk for long distances with your baggage?
  17. Do you get lost everywhere you go? If so, how do you handle your poor sense of direction?
  18. Would you prefer an escorted tour where your itinerary, accommodation, transport and meals are all sorted for you?
  19. You’ve arrived in a strange city alone and must figure out the public transportation system. Are you confident you could handle the task, or are you stressed just thinking about it?
  20. Are you curious to learn about world history, fine arts and different cultures? Or would you rather just relax on vacation and chill by a pool?

Tally up your answers and count the number of “YES” responses.

16-20: Europe is waiting! You are ready to take on the challenge, and all you need to do now is finish planning and pack. Start sealing the deal on airline tickets, train passes and hostel reservations, set your departure date and start counting the days until you say Bon Voyage!

11-15: Backpacking Europe is an excellent idea for you; with a little more thought and preparation, you’ll be on your way. Dive into planning your trip to discover your personal travel style, and create a European adventure that perfectly matches your expectations.

6-10: Europe is in your future, but you should probably spend a bit more time preparing your mind and wallet for the trip. Start researching destinations that appeal to you, get a passport and dedicate a savings plan to your future travels.

1-5: Perhaps a backpacking trip to Europe is not the best idea for you right now – however with a little planning and research, next year is a distinct possibility. Introduce yourself to new experiences at home to become more comfortable with them, try weird dishes at restaurants and start talking to people that have backpacked Europe for tips and ideas.