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Spring Travel to Europe


There is a reason they write songs about Paris in the springtime. All over Europe the parks, gardens, and fields spring to life and the citizens of the Old World emerge from their winter hideouts to once again explore their cobblestoned cities. Plane tickets and hostel beds are less expensive than in the summer, crowds are smaller, and the service industry professionals are fresh, having just begun the tourist season. Garden lovers will delight in a visit to Europe this time of year; from Monet’s flowers at Giverny to the bougainvilleas of Italy, the continent is splashed in color and life. Warm days and cooler evenings await you during springtime in Europe, providing the perfect palette for strolling, wandering, meandering, and maybe even painting a picture en plein air yourself.

  • Take advantage of the free concerts and choir performances in churches and cathedrals across the continent.
  • Enjoy the lengthening days with a long, languid, riverside picnic with your favorite cheese, fresh local bread, and a bottle of your favorite vintage.
  • Check out the many cemeteries of Europe that are not only the final resting grounds of the famous from centuries ago, but bona fide sculpture gardens that drop with a gothic romance.
  • Flower and bird markets are in full bloom and fun for idle shopping; flea markets are often covered and can provide unique and inexpensive souvenirs.
  • Use a rainy day as an excuse to spend hours exploring your favorite art, science, or history museum.