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Summer Travel to Europe


It’s sunshine and party time in Europe during the summer when festival season gets into full swing with musical celebrations and cultural events across the continent. With gorgeous weather and plenty of beach time the crowds come out, so make sure to book your air tickets, train seat reservations, and hostel beds in advance. Many schools offer summer-study programs and cities like Aix-en-Provence teem with university kids going out after classes to blow off steam. Packing is easier and more fun in the summer (bikinis take up a lot less room than parkas) and you will find no shortage of dance parties, crazy parades, and musical festivals from Sweden to Sicily. With busy beaches and plenty of buzz in the air, summertime in Europe is a merrymaker’s delight and the most popular season to hop the pond.

  • Hit the beach! All across Europe travelers and locals alike swarm to the ocean for a refreshing and inexpensive outing. Bring a picnic!
  • Heat getting to you? Head to a movie theatre- they are almost always air-conditioned and are often shown in English- but the subtitles will help you improve your slang.
  • Discover new music at one of Europe’s many outdoor festivals- ask the tourist office or Google!
  • Summertime is ice cream o’clock, and every country seems to have it’s own special to indulge in, from Berthillon in Paris to espresso gelato in Florence.
  • Water sports abound on the beaches of Europe and you can learn to SCUBA in Greece, Jet Ski on the French Riviera, or windsurf off the coast of Spain.