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Corfu, Greece

By Rachel Jacobs

Corfu is a promising island, ripe with scenery and beautiful people.  A demure lady in waiting, Corfu offers a mysterious and sensory experience to any traveler.  Floating on the Ionian Sea, Corfu faces the hills of Albania napping under the hazy sun.  The electric blue water cools and refreshes the skin and tastes salty on the lips.  Quaint fishing boats bob in the waves and for a small fee will chug you across the sea to the craggy Albanian landscape.  Sand between your toes and fresh prawns that snap and spurt sweetness onto your tongue add to this sensual island’s appeal. 

During the day you may opt for a carefree nap in the shade of a knotted olive grove or seek the bustling markets of downtown.  No matter what your decision, you’re bound to meet exuberant people who delight in your visit. 

If it’s hedonistic pleasure you’re after, Corfu offers a wealth of options.  At night while gazing at the endless stars you can hear happy chatter set to a background of traditional Greek music enticing you to join the fun.  Greek dancing continues for hours after the sun sets and if you’re brave you can partake in the fascinating ritual of picking up a table using only your teeth.  The cicadas will keep singing and dancing once you’ve exhausted yourself.

The next day rise to fresh bread slathered in honey.  Rent a motor bike and enjoy the thrill of wind in your hair as you discover a serene beach of your own or traditional Greek musaka.  Culture junkies can watch a festive summer parade or partake in a candlelit procession in one of the village churches.  Whether your goal is for a relaxing holiday or not, relaxation will creep its way into your itinerary. 

Finally, as you leave Corfu, you will inevitably promise the hypnotic island that you will return for the warm breeze and the tingle of the Mediterranean sun on your skin.