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Bakpak Dave Barish
Bakpak Dave’s venture into the travel industry started after he quit his accounting job in New York City to backpack and volunteer around Australia and New Zealand. He helped build walking trails in a National Park, laid down track for a steam train line, and cared for Emus and other native animals in a reptile and fauna park.

He had such a good time staying in hostels that a few years later he opened a top-rated hostel and pub, the Nomads Market Inn, in South Melbourne Australia. He not only welcomed guests from around the world into comfortable beds but doubled as the pub’s official bartender and bouncer.

After returning to New York, Bakpak Dave created Bakpak Travelers Guide to provide youth, student and budget travelers an information resource for planning a trip of a lifetime like he experienced.  He grew the business from a single publication to a range of guides, travel websites and a travel agency. Bakpak Dave lives in sunny Los Angeles by the beach with his wife and 4 year old daughter. He loves to inspire others to go overseas and experience the world.


Shilo Urban
After residing in Austin, Maine, New Zealand, Paris and Seattle, Shilo now lives in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, where she enjoys work as a freelance writer and music publicist. She has been involved in many facets of the travel industry, and has experience working as a travel agent, tour wholesaler, hotel bartender, travel seminar instructor and private guide in Paris and Northern France. Shilo has been to 28 countries, dreams of taking pilot lessons and has a wiener dog named Steve.

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