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Eurail Passes: There Are Six Billion Of Them, How Do I Choose?


The most difficult part of planning your trip (or your life) is to understand what you want and what you like. Don't be the guy who had a horrible weekend in Paris because he spent most of his time at the Louvre, and he didn't like art. Don't just listen to other people's ideas of the "must-sees," be honest with yourself and if you don't like the beach then maybe the Greek islands aren't the best destination for you. If you are traveling with others, this becomes a little more difficult, but still doable. Grab your travel buds and:

DECIDE HOW LONG YOU WILL STAY: Are you going for a long weekend in the south of France or a three month Eastern European sojourn? Figure it out.

DECIDE WHERE YOU ARE GOING: Get a map of Europe and spread it out. Make a list divided into three columns: Places that you MUST go, places that you would like to go, and places you really don't care about going that much. Compare lists if you're traveling with others, and circle on the map all the places that everyone MUST see, and then hash out the rest. THIS IS THE HARDEST PART! While you can always amend your itinerary once you get to Europe, you must purchase your rail pass BEFORE you leave the States. The more specific your itinerary, the more likely you will get the best deal on your rail pass. Make a list of the countries to which you will be going.

DECIDE HOW OFTEN YOU WILL BE TRAVELING: Do you like to be on the move a lot when you travel, going from place to place just about every day? Or are you slower, preferring to soak in one city for a few days before moving on? The number of days you will be traveling affects the price of your rail pass. Please note that overnight train trips only count as ONE DAY as long as you leave after 7PM.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS! Look over your rail pass options and see which one best fits your itinerary, allotted travel time, and personal travel style. Then you can purchase them online from Bakpak's rail pass partner, Rail Europe.

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