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Rail Pass FAQs


Choosing the right rail pass for you can be challenging enough let alone figuring out how they work. Here are some frequently asked questions about rail passes that will help you not only choose a pass but understand the rules once you get going.

  • What is a rail month and rail day?

    A rail pass month is counted as a calendar month. For example, a pass that begins on July 15th will expire at midnight on August 14th. A rail day lasts from midnight to midnight. You can take as many trains as you wish during this time. On an overnight train that departs after 7pm, a rail day will begin at 7PM and end the next day at midnight.

  • What does consecutive or flexi mean in terms of a rail pass?

    A consecutive-day pass provides unlimited rail travel on any day or consecutive days covered in the length of the pass. A flexipass is valid for a specific number of travel days that can be scattered within a longer period. For example, 15 days of unlimited rail travel within 2 months. A traveler can pick and choose the days they would like to use the train.

  • On what date is my rail pass considered validated/activated?

    With most passes, the pass starts the day you get it validated by a rail official.

  • How do I validate/activate my pass?

    Just go to the ticket window at the rail station before boarding your first train. A railroad official will enter the first and last day of the validity on your pass and stamp your pass. You will have to show your passport.

  • Can I buy a pass if I have a European passport and a green card from the United States?

    We are not able to sell rail passes or tickets to residents of Europe, the UK, Morocco, Turkey, or any of the countries of the former Soviet Union. If you are a resident of these countries, we will not be able to sell you one of our passes. If you are a citizen of any of these countries, but are a resident of the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America or Canada, we are able to sell the rail pass or tickets to you. Passes are based on residency not citizenship, and the country of your residence will be printed on the rail pass.

  • How far in advance can I buy my rail pass?

    A pass can be purchased up to 6 months before your first travel day (and must be validated within 6 months of the original date of issue).

  • If I'm on a train overnight, will 2 days of my pass be used?

    It depends on where you’re traveling. There are two different rules regarding overnight travel. Some trains allow travelers departing after 7 PM to mark only the following day on the pass, so only one travel day is counted.

    However, other trains require 2 travel days on your pass.

    • Britrail Guest Pass
    • Britrail Central Scotland Pass
    • Britrail London Plus Pass
    • Eurail Czech Republic Pass
    • Eurail Slovenia Pass
    • Swiss Pass
    • Swiss Card
    • Swiss Transfer Ticket


  • Do the name on the pass and on the passport have to match?


  • How do I know which pass (and # of days) is right for me?

    Well, that all depends on how long you plan to travel for, not to mention the number of countries and cities you intend to visit. Our recommendation would be if you plan on traveling for more than 3 days, consider getting a pass. For less than 3 days, purchasing individual tickets is the better way to go. You should also consider a pass if you are not sure about your itinerary. The pass will give you the flexibility to change your plans at will. There are two types of passes, Flexipass and Consecutive Pass. Consecutive passes provide unlimited rail travel every day for the duration of the pass. This is ideal for anyone who expects to move around a lot and travel by train each day. A Flexipass is valid for a specific number of travel days within a longer period (e.g. 3 days within one month), so it gives you more flexibility to choose the specific days when you want to travel by rail. For help with choosing the best product for your travels click here

  • How do I use the bonuses that come with the passes?

    Any bonus that is free will use a travel day on your rail pass. Discounted bonuses will not require the use of a travel day, but does require a valid rail pass. All bonuses are handled locally and are subject to change.

  • If I've already bought a single country pass and plan to travel to a bordering country - what should I do?

    Your rail pass covers you to the border city of the country in which you are traveling. Simply purchase additional tickets locally to travel in any country not covered on your original pass.

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