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Anywhere Anytime France™ Pass


The Anywhere Anytime France™ Pass is a pre-paid e-ticketing system that allows you to travel around France easily. You save by booking your tickets online in advance (even if it's only by an hour). Your first trip costs $169.00; each additional e-ticket bought within the first Anywhere Anytime France™ purchase costs $50 each. After this purchase, each additional trip costs $70 per trip. All travel is in 1st Class.

How to Purchase Your Pass

Three simple steps and you're on your way!

Step 1: Register online (click on Buy Rail Pass Button to your right)
Set up and login to your online Anywhere Anytime France™ account.

Step 2: Manage your account online.
View your itinerary, schedule trips, purchase additional trips and more.

Step 3: Print e-tickets at the station and you're ready to go!
Use the self service kiosks to print your e-ticket at the train station.

Terms & Conditions

All trips must be used within one month from the departure date of your first train trip. Additional passengers can be added at any time, but must travel within the same one-month period as the rest of the group. "Seats" on the trains do not apply to sleeper or couchette accommodations. Prices are subject to change.

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