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Backpacking Europe
Planning & Essentials Guide

Download our FREE Digital Guide for iPad, iPhone, Android devices & Laptop or Buy the Print Guide from Amazon.com

Is this your first time backpacking to Europe? Are you trying to figure out where to go? How to get around - rail, hop-on/off pass, internal flights? Do you need to get an idea of what things cost so you can budget your trip?

If you answered yes to any of these, then Bakpak Dave's 2013 90-page Backpacking Europe Planning & Essentials Guide is for you.

Our FREE Digital Guide includes can be viewed on your laptop/desktop or added to your tablet or mobile device as a PDF including viewing with iBooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

And if you want a hard copy to read and mark up, buy a copy from Amazon.com, it's light weight and fun to read!

Chapter's include

  • Intro to Backpacking Europe
  • Types of Things to See & Do in Europe
  • Travel Dynamics & Types
  • Money and Budgeting your Trip
  • Europe Tours & Transport Options
  • Accommodation Options & Styles
  • European Destination Guide
  • and Travel Tips

Information covered/provided

  • Vivid color pictures of European destinations
  • When to go to Europe
  • Trip styles and lengths
  • Visas
  • How to get around Europe by rail, hop-on/hop-off pass, tours, air and campervan rental including pros and cons of each
  • Pros and Cons of traveling solo or with friends/partners
  • Currency and exchange rates
  • Budgeting your trip
  • How to save for your trip
  • Accommodation options including pros and cons
  • Full color map of Europe
  • Destination Cost & Transport Chart
  • Distance Map
  • Brief write ups on over 29 countries and 75 destinations
  • Safety tips
  • Types of backpacks/luggage


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