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No Boys Allowed - Europe Hostels that Cater to Females

Plus Hostels 2
Plus Hostels Prague and Venice

There’s a new trend in the hostel industry that’s here to stay. It’s one that involves fluffy pillows, extra goodies, and no snoring men. Ladies, the accommodation sensation of female-only hostels is for us. They’re everything you love about hostels but cleaner, comfier, and safer. Sign me up!

St Christophers Hostels for Females 2
St Christopher's Oasis bathroom

“Not everyone likes sharing with smelly boys, so this way the alternative is there for anyone who wants it,” says Robert Savage, the press and PR manager of female-only St. Christopher’s Oasis in London. We couldn’t agree more.

These exclusively-for-women hostels generally tend to be cleaner, smaller, and best of all, many are equipped with hairdryers, full-length mirrors, and sometimes even goodie bags full of refreshingly clean smelling toiletries. St. Christopher’s Oasis features complimentary fluffy towels for no extra charge upon check-in. They’re also stocked with an iron and ironing board.

“Given the popularity of the female-only Oasis concept ... it seems to be an option that our customers like – so we’re going to keep doing it,” says Savage.

Picadilly Guest House London 1
Piccadilly Guest House London Dorm Room

In addition to extra perks, there is usually extra security. Having a comfortable, inviting place to rest your head at the end of a long day of gallery-hopping or restaurant sampling is the biggest safety net. These hostels understand the concerns of female travelers and happily make safety a priority. Often this means having extra locks on the exterior of the hostel and extra security cameras. Another reason you can rest easy (in comfy beds of course).

Hostel 4 Star @ Piccadilly Guest House, also in London, says “the main things are cleanliness, safety and a friendly approach. We offer [guests] our help and suggestions, order them cabs and suggest the best places to see or go.”

The extra attention to making you comfortable is the most unique plus that female hostels offer. It’s the little things like free breakfast (Papaya Female Hostel in Rome serves a cappuccino and a croissant to kick off your day) free storage, and all of the blankets you need. Clean blankets, might I add.

Plus Hostels 1

While there are many advantages to an all-women hostel, there is something to consider. These hostels tend to be much quieter and in some cases stricter. If you’re looking for a party hostel, these hostels may not be the place for you. However, each hostel varies quite a bit so make sure to read up on reviews and browse photos before you book.

While we at Bakpak Travelers Guide love all-female hostels, they tend to be very rare. More commonly found is the option for a female-friendly wing, room, or floor. These are good options but you may not find the cleanliness and attention to comfort of a solely female hostel.

Plus Hostels 3
Plus Hostels Pool

One hostel company that has done this well is PLUS Hostels (Link: http://www.plushostels.com/plusgirls). They have worked to create a girls-only environment in their Florence and Prague hostels that is spacious and has those wonderful perks including big bathrooms, cosmetic tables with large mirrors and hairdryers, and a cosmetic goodie bag. It really is the closest thing to luxury in the hostel industry and they make the fabulous point that “just because you are carrying a backpack around the world doesn't mean you should compromise your style.”

That said, let your backpacks be heavier, your days packed with experiences, and your heads be comfortable on a clean fluffy pillow at the end of the day (without the annoying snoring).

Some of our favorite for-women-only hostels:

St Christophers Hostels for Females profile
 St Christopher's Oasis Hostels in London and Paris

St. Christopher’s Inn, The Oasis, London - personal bedside lamps, extra outlets to keep you plugged in, shampoo, soap, towels provided. Book this hostel/more info

St. Christopher’s Inn, The Oasis floor, Paris - The same concept as the Oasis in London, but on one floor. Perks for the Oasis floor are free towels and extra special amenities for women. Book this hostel/more info

Plus Florence Book this hostel/more info

Plus Prague Book this hostel/more info

Orso Maggiore, Rome - Housed in a 16th century convent (how unique!) in the center of Rome. Beautiful garden, and great views. Very quiet and clean environment. Book this hostel/more info

Anadin Female Hostel, Budapest - Downtown location, towels, linens, and slippers (how cute!) provided, hairdryers, and umbrellas. Awesome value. Book this hostel/more info

Home Saint Pierre, Geneva - Lots of common space to spread out and relax, views of the city and mountains, laundry service, primarily for women 18 to 30. Book this hostel/more info

Papaya Female Hostel, Rome - Yummy free breakfast, cleaning service. Book this hostel/more info

Hostel 4 star at Piccadilly Guest House is a boutique style ladies hostel that offers free bedding, free internet, discounts at the restaurant and club. They offer low cost accommodation for single, friends or group travellers. They have a great terrace and we are located on one of the most famous streets in London called Jermyn Street.. Book this hostel/more info