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This itinerary combines the very best of these three countries, from the nightclubs of Berlin to the soaring Swiss Alps to the rich heritage and richer fondue of Austria.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are easy to combine due to their close proximity, and the itinerary makes a fun trip because of the variety of the regions, from big cities to the Black Forest. Many wish to explore their family’s history in this area, others come for the beer and brats, and some want to embark on a musical journey- all possible here in the heartland of Europe.

Note: this trip has a flexible itinerary. Berlin is one of the headquarters of low-budget airlines in Europe, and you can find inexpensive tickets to almost any other major city around.


Dance until dawn in the home of techno and then take a morning walk to what is left of the Berlin Wall. Drink and eat until your lederhosen cut off your blood supply in the cultural center of Munich. Toast your freedom over the Danube River to the strains of Mozart in Vienna, and discover a love of sauerkraut in Salzburg. Bungee jump over a glacial river in Interlaken. Feed the swans your fondue bread in Lucerne, and laugh at the bears of Bern. Indulge in Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Berlin

Ending Point: Stuttgart

Time Frame: 14 to 21 days

Germany: Arrive in Berlin, then hop a budget flight down to Munich. Fly or take a train to Vienna (alternatively, you could skip Munich and fly right into Vienna)

Austria: From Vienna take the train to Salzburg, then on towards Switzerland, stopping at Innsbruck if you like.

Switzerland: Enjoy the amazing scenery as you travel between Lucerne, Interlaken, and Bern. Some short backtracking is unavoidable, but with the beautiful view out the train window you won’t even mind! Head back up into Germany to Bavaria and the region of the Black Forest, flying out of Stuttgart.

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