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Mediterranean Beaches: Italy, France and Spain


This sunshine-filled itinerary includes the best of Mediterranean beaches from the Italian Riviera to the chique Cote d’Azur of France to lazy days on the Costa Brava of Spain, ending in the beach party epicenter of the world: Ibiza.

A beach vacation to the Mediterranean is not just a lay-and-bake event; not only will you soak in the sun and swim in the salty, but you will experience three unique European cultures as well. Start with the cliffs, coves, and small inlets of the Italian Riviera, spending at least a day in the Cinque Terra. Head over to the French Riviera and the beautiful Cote d’Azur (Blue Coast) hopping from one soft pebbly beach to the next: Monaco, Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez. Then it’s off to the sandy beaches of Spain and the Costa Brava where you can whale yourself ocean-side around Barcelona with the rest of Europe, finally arriving to the gorgeous beaches of Ibiza- make sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Note: there are a zillion beaches between your starting and ending point- be flexible and stop along the way wherever your heart desires- this itinerary is NOT about go-go-go but rather stay-lay-play!


Walk between the five villages of the Cinque Terra, stopping in one (or all) for a glass of vino or strawberry gelato to keep you going. Dine on giant calzones harbor-side in glitzy Portofino or charming Santa Margherita. Enjoy the casinos of Monte Carlo, and sizzle on the beaches of Nice with the topless sunbathers- do you dare? Picnic on one of Canne’s many glorious beaches, and then try to find Bridget Bardot’s favorite stretch of coastline in Saint Tropez. Refresh yourself with a dip and a do-nothing day on one of the golden sand beaches of Barcelona, then head to Ibiza to party until dawn to some of the best dance music in the world.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Milan

Ending Point: Ibiza

Time Frame: 7 days to eternity

Italy: Fly into Milan and train down to La Spezia, and start exploring west from there to the Cinque Terra and the Italian Riviera.

France: The train will take you along the coast and through Monaco, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and many more towns and villages

Spain: The Costa Brava area around Barcelona is known as having some of the best beaches in Europe, but be aware these are not sleepy and secluded spots. Need a taste of the big city? Hit Barcelona, otherwise catch a budget flight to Ibiza and enjoy the legendary nightlife!

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