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This itinerary combines four very popular and very diverse cities: nightlife in Berlin; an ever-enchanting Prague, where each street seems to be more beautiful than the last;  Budapest's beautiful historic section, Castle Hill; and the music-filled cobblestones of Vienna.

Note: this trip has a flexible itinerary. Berlin is one of the headquarters of low-budget airlines in Europe, and you can find inexpensive tickets to almost any other major city around.


Berlin bounces at night; don’t miss a chance to dance to tomorrow’s techno while the sun comes up. Have an espresso, then find the craziest art museum you can. In Prague wander slowly through the gothic streets to Kafka’s tiny house and contemplate your life’s reflection in the Art Nouveau stained glass of the cathedral. Explore the streets and squares in the Castle District, and check out the view of Budapest from Matthias Church. Have a hot chocolate in Vienna and survey your empire from Schönbrunn Palace, one baroque masterpiece at a time.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Berlin

Ending Point: Budapest

Time Frame: 10-14+ days

Take the train! Starting in Berlin hop on the train for the 4-5 hour journey to Prague, continue on to Vienna (3.5 hours) and Budapest (3 hours). Nice and easy.

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