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This itinerary takes you from the fairy-tale castles of Bavaria and the home of Oktoberfest to the constantly evolving and always interesting capital of Germany, Berlin, followed by a most tolerant Amsterdam, and finally ending in the quaint and peaceful city of Bruges, Belgium.

Note: This trip has a flexible itinerary. Berlin is one of the headquarters of low-budget airlines in Europe, and you can find inexpensive tickets to almost any other major city around.


Soak in some of the most celebrated art of the Renaissance period in Munich's galleries and museums, then head out to a beer hall and wash it down with a stein or three. In Berlin stay in the Mitte and explore a myriad of interesting neighborhoods, cool bars and hot clubs. Listen to some techno. Find a museum in Amsterdam that caters to your fetish from red and lit to green and smoky. Rent a bike to explore the canals, pedaling yourself past windmills and right out of town. In Bruges, climb the belfry and cruise the canals, taking a break to delight in the cheap Belgian chocolate found at shops around the city. Cap it off with all-you-can-eat ribs at De Hobbit. 

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Munich

Ending Point: Bruges

Time Frame: 10 to 14+ days

You'll travel more than 1200 kilometers (or nearly 800 miles) in total. Starting in Munich, go north to Berlin, west to Amsterdam and southwest to Bruges. From Bruges, you can make your way back to Brussels for a flight out or a train to Paris.

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