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European Nightlife: Berlin, Paris, Barcelona & Ibiza

Spanning three countries and countless hours on the dance floor, this itinerary covers all the best nightlife spots on the continent from underground clubs in Berlin to beachside parties in Ibiza.

Whether you like your nightlife hot and spicy with lots move and shake or cut clean and classic like the smooth beats of techno, you will find music you like and have the time of your young life as you dance and party your way across Europe. Start in Berlin, the undisputed global home of techno and then head towards Paris where you can listen to music at Les Bains, an ancient Turkish bath that is now a hot dance club. Jet over to Barcelona where they don’t even eat dinner until midnight, and then end your trip in the nightlife capital of the universe: Ibiza.

Note: Start your trip in either Berlin or Paris, but make sure you save the best for last and end in Ibiza- otherwise the biggest party in Berlin is going to seem a bit cold in comparison! These cities are sufficiently far enough away from each other than rail travel becomes too costly and time consuming and should only be taken if you want to experience the countryside between the cities.


See the remains of the Berlin Wall during the day, have a delicious dinner of brats and kraut, and still have plenty of time for a disco nap before heading out at 1AM to hear the world’s best techno DJs spin for your dance floor. Take in an organ concert at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, listen to the best street band you have ever heard in the tunnels of the Metro, then dance late into the evening at one of the many music festivals or fancy-pants clubs in the city. Wonder in the La Rambla neighborhood of Barcelona and whoa at the surrealistic Gaudi architecture, have some tapas and then head out for some sexy Spanish dancing. Arrive on Ibiza, and proceed in this direction: beach, bar, dance floor, beach, dance floor, bar, beach, dance floor, bar, beach, dance floor, beach…you get the idea!

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Berlin

Ending Point: Ibiza

Time Frame: 12 days or more

Spend at least three days in each major city of Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona, and then at least three on the island of Ibiza.

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