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Greece and Her Islands


Greece holds a place in the history of the Western world that captures the imagination like no other destination, and conjuring images of mythic beasts and legendary heroes. Odysseus may be long gone but the waters he sailed and the beaches he slept on are still here today- and the legend remains.

This itinerary will introduce you to Greece and her islands, giving you a taste of the mainland and letting you dip your toes in the turquoise Aegean Sea on several islands. From amazing ancient architecture in Athens to groves of olive trees stretched out before the ocean, mainland Greece will leave its mark on your soul- and THEN there are the islands, aka: paradise. Swim in the warm waters off the many beaches of Mykonos, Patmos, and Rhodes during the day, have dinner with strong ouzo and a loud ‘OPA!’ and spend the night dancing or sleeping in the cool island breeze.

Note: There are many ways to get around the Greek islands, from the slow ferry system to a three-day island cruise to a quick hop on a plane. Which you choose will depend on your time and budget, but be aware you will get much more out of a three day stay on one island than three nights on three different islands.


Stand on the slick marble of the Acropolis in Athens in the morning light and view the massive city and its hills from an eons-old view. Wander through the ruins of the agora where the stoics stood, then stop for a gyro somewhere along the narrow streets of the Plaka. Attempt to tell the future at Delphi, home of the mysterious oracle, and marvel at Mycenae, an ancient ruin even to the ancient Greeks- they thought the Cyclops must have built it. Rent a scooter on Mykonos and fly past windmills and square houses. Toast the Knight’s Templar on Rhodes and enjoy the gothic medieval architecture in the incongruent Mediterranean setting. Hit the beach in Patmos. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Athens

Ending Point: Athens

Time Frame: 10 days or more

Mainland: Athens is crammed full of treasures from the National Archaeological Museum to the Acropolis with its Parthenon to the marble curbs you walk upon, and you will never go hungry for something spectacular to do. Spend at least three days, and a few more if you are taking day trips to Delphi and Mycenae.

Islands: There are dozens of fantastic islands to explore, but Mykonos, Rhodes, and Patmos give you a good overview of the Greek isles. Divide the rest of your days equally, or pick one and flop on the beach for a week.

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