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Moorish Spain


This itinerary of Moorish Spain takes you on a magic carpet ride through the unique culture of Andalusia, which was an Arabic stronghold on the European continent for over 700 years.

Journey through southern Spain and experience a culture like no other, a sunny piece of Europe whose style and customs were forever imprinted by centuries of foreign rule. From spectacular mosques and cathedrals to open plazas, luxurious courtyards and spice markets, Moorish Spain holds the elements of childhood dreams within. Starry skies, bright blue beaches and delicious dishes await you.

Note: this trip can be traversed in any order, but Granada and Seville will be your cheapest cities to fly in and out of.


Take a morning hike in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. Spend all day with your jaw dropped at the amazing Alhambra palace, then dive into Granada’s celebrated nightlife and dance until dawn. Get lost and in the narrow, winding streets of Cordoba and get found at a surprise courtyard, bubbling with fountains and green life. Visit the third-largest mosque in the world- with a cathedral inside. Pretend to fight a bull in Seville’s Plaza de España and then imagine you are Picasso in the amazing fine arts museum. Stand on a piece of history on the Rock of Gibraltar, then hit the beachside promenade of Malaga with the impromptu flamenco dancers.

Suggested Route

Starting Point: Granada
Ending Point: Granada
Time Frame: 14 days +/-

Fly into Granada and spend a few days exploring the city, then hop to Cordoba, then Seville, the Rock of Gibraltar for a night, then end in the seaside town of Malaga before heading back to Granada to catch your flight.

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