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Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Micah B Rubin

Illuminated by the sun’s reflection of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a South American metropolis hidden from the radar of tourists and backpackers. Until December 2001, Argentina was the most expensive country to visit in South America, but a stifled economy has transformed it into a mecca of adventure. 

Wandering through the city, one is greeted by Argentinean and European culture blended into a cosmopolitan paradise. World-class museums, lush parks, the world’s greatest opera house add to the attraction of this bustling capital.

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city divided into many Barrio’s or neighborhoods personifying its unique history and attitude. The colorful buildings of La Boca remind the visitor of its artistic roots.  A Japanese garden complete with Koi and Japanese trees contrast the fast pace of the surrounding city.

Blazing neon, dazzling lights, theaters, clubs and bars awaken as the sun sets. The nightlife of Buenos Aires is electric.  It begins around 12PM, still early in their minds - bars and clubs are quiet. By the time 3 AM swings around, they are packed with the smart dressed in hot pursuit of life.  For many, the night begins to wane around 7 AM but the Argentinean stamina to party is second to none. After-hours clubs begin to open as the intrepid emerge from nightclubs and bar's seeking refuge in the darkness and stroboscopic lights of these late night havens of rhythm.

A culture for Tango grew from the Argentinean passion for life and love. Young lovers fill the streets and parks, intoxicated by cupid’s potion. Tango dancers perform in the public squares of San Telmo during the weekends, an area renowned for its quaint streets and exquisite antique shops.
The modernity of Buenos Aires sharply contrasts the South American continent. Being the heart of Argentina, it is a perfect epicenter for the exploration of this expansive country and the rest of the Incan continent.

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