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HostelsClub's How To’s – Picking the One for You

Hostels are becoming a more common choice for vacationers, especially with the price of hotels and travelling increasing dramatically. Hostels are seeing an influx of older patrons, quite the contrast to the typical younger crowd that not only chooses hostels for cost reductions but also for the party atmosphere that exists in most hostels. That is why using a user-friendly booking site and knowing that there are different hostels available to meet your needs are so important.

Hostels basically come in three types, the traditional communal hostel, the party hostel, and hotel-like hostels. Each one varies greatly in the atmosphere and offerings.HostelsClub has hostels for all kinds - the ones who want to party all night long, the ones who wake up at dawn to climb mountains, the ones who need a place to chill after another interminably long bus ride (we know: we’ve all been to those). That’s why we don’t put any limits to the number of hostels on our site. So you can find the perfect fit for you, each and every time.

The traditional hostel or bed & breakfast offers more of a home like feeling. These hostels are typically not very large and are similar to staying with a friend who has a large house. They usually have a communal kitchen for cooking and eating. There are comfortable areas for socializing, similar to a den or living room in the home. Most hostels often host organized group activities as well. If your hostel of choice doesn't offer this, then HostelsClub.com also has tours which you can book online.

Party hostels tend to cater to a more outgoing crowd. There are few, if any rules and no curfew. These hostels  offer a fun-oriented place to stay and do hard drinking that most hotels and vacation lodges try to dissuade. While these hostels may not be quiet, they usually sponsor group activities and outings, mostly centered around more partying.

Hotel-like hostels are the third type of hostel found mostly in the U.S. and Canada. These hostels are similar to hotels except with cheaper pricing. Many are even becoming what is now considered a "boutique hostel", because their amenities and standards are much closer to those of hotels including goodies like pools, rooftop decks, flat screen TVs and game rooms.

In addition to choosing a hostel based on type, there are ratings that can help make the decision. HostelsClub's ratings are based on staff, cleanliness, position, fun factor and personality. We then convert the number ratings into a very simple system: Smiley face, Pensive face and Sad face to get our point across.

Once you have decided on the type and checked the ratings, you will want to look into the location. If you are travelling near the ocean, do you want the hostel to be close to the shore or are you fine with it being more on the mainland area? Do you want to be near town and the night life or are you more interested in seclusion? These answers will play a large part in deciding on which hostel is right for you. HostelsClub has an interactive map feature which allows clients to see all the properties located in a city based on the amenities they choose, points of interest in that city, and your cursor will show quick facts including pricing.

Regardless of what type of hostel you choose, HostelsClub has one that will satisfy your needs and your wallet. HostelsClub is proud to offer all of these types of hostels including B&Bs, guest houses, apartments, budget hotels and campgrounds from over 14,000 properties world-wide. To all of you who use HostelsClub for those sporadic getaways, here’s news you’ll love: HostelsClub's Fidelity Program guarantees that for each reservation of at least 5 nights you will get one night for free in one of our hotels in Venice, Italy. If you make five reservations of at least two nights each, we will award you with a free weekend in one of our Hotels in Venice. And it’s cumulative! This is a continuous program to promote travel and makes everyone a winner.

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