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Top Ten Party Cities in the USA


1. Los Angeles

There is a reason why rap stars write songs about California knowing how to party and that LA makes the world go 'round. Not only the center of the movie and music industry but the center of the universe as well (so Angelenos claim), LA has a thriving party scene from underground techno shows in warehouses to midnight street festivals and Tuesday night raves. Add some beaches and sunny warm weather 300 days out of the year and you get a sizzling city that indeed does know how to party, as per Dr. Dre.

2. San Francisco

Just up the famed American West Coast is another cool California city, a kicking gem that has been a center for US art culture since the 60's when flower children flocked to the tolerant and beautiful San Fran. From chill art lounges to multi-level electronic music palaces to hipster hideouts to neon meet-markets; everyone has a place in San Francisco. The SOMA and Mission Districts cater to the party crowd and night owls will find a roost in North Beach, with venues open until the wee hours.

3. San Diego

This So Cal city has some of the best weather and beaches in the nation, and the people know it. This city attracts surfers and other fun-lovers, and the vibe at places like Ocean Beach is as laid-back as a sleeping dog. Hit the bars or check out the thriving underground dance community; house and techno reign supreme and the energetic populace will make sure you have a great time as well.

4. Seattle

What do you get when you combine a giant caffeine intake with heaps of rainy days? People who are chomping at the bit to get out and get down. Precipitation never hinders the Seattleites who make it to the party, rain or shine, and from grungy rock venues in Capitol Hill to slick dance clubs in Pioneer Square to chi-chi hipster hangouts in Belltown, the passion pours forth as thick as the foam on a latte.

5. Las Vegas

You know you are visiting an epic party place when the city's slogan is "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas." This city has never even heard of sleep, and the ka-ching! of slot machines floats up into the night over screams from roller coasters and hoots for feathered showgirls. You can eat a prime rib buffet at 3AM, take in a world-class performance by divas or tigers, and drive a full-size racecar around a track. It is a safe bet that no two days will ever be the same in Vegas!

6. Miami

South Beach is legendary for its glorious beaches, beautiful people, and all-night dance parties that seem to be bumping beats 24/7. From beach-side barbeques or shiny neon dance clubs, the warm and sunny climate of Miami has infected the populace who consider it not only their birthright, but their duty to get out and shake it while the sun goes down- and then keep shaking, and shaking, and shaking!

7. Austin

Though much of Texas is filled with honky-tonk singers, cowboy boots and twangs, Austin is the exact opposite. Here in the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capitol of the World," you will find talented musicians of every genre showing their stuff around the town, from the Austin City Limits to famed Sixth Street, where you can bar hop until you drop with students from the nearby University of Texas.

8. New Orleans

Despite the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, the spirit of New Orleans lives on and is thriving, actually, with jazz-soaked streets and hip hop havens all over the city enjoying a renaissance. The fun-loving energy and people of the Big Easy will capture your heart, and from the French Quarter to legendary Pat O'Brien's, the nights are always loud and lascivious, whether it is Mardi Gras or Monday night.

9. Atlanta

Otherwise known as HOTlanta, this southern city has given the world Outkast and L'il Jon and boasts a mind-boggling 100 festivals per year. The sweaty weather makes for ice-cold drinks and scantily clad southern belles, and from Latin nights to hip hop holidays you will discover that the warm sunshine has soaked into the culture, and the citizens of Atlanta have a party vibe that is as thick as their accents.

10. New York City

This dazzling entertainment Mecca has more bars, clubs, and restaurants than anywhere else in the country, with an attitude to match. With constantly evolving nightlife scene and dance clubs that change names like you change underwear, there is always something new and exciting to throw yourself into in the Big Apple. Party trends may come and go, but New York is forever- or at least long enough for you to dive into the mania and come out alive.

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