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Top Ten Reasons To Backpack MIAMI

Top Ten Reasons to Backpack Miami

Miami is a backpacker’s dream, although this sunny, sizzling city seems to fall too far south on most budget travelers’ lists. There are many reasons why Miami is a backpacker’s paradise; here are the Top Ten: 

  1. The Beach. If there is one thing that backpackers around the world love, it’s a good old lazy day at the beach, drenching themselves in sunshine, gawking at hot bodies, and possibly even swimming! Miami lives for the beach, and you will find one to suit your style, whether you are laid back or ready to party.
  2. Music. Miami has a very wide range of musical experiences to explore, from rock and roll to electronic to Latin salsa. Bring your dancing shoes and come ready to dance, for Miami is NOT a town of wallflowers.
  3. Cheap lodging. Though you can certainly pay oodles for a swanky hotel on South Beach, it is just as easy to rent a room in a cheap hostel and cook your own breakfast, saving you time and money for more productive exploits like partying.
  4. Sunny Weather. Miami is warm and sunny year-round, which makes packing for the city a breeze. Just throw in some shorts, sandals, sundresses and several swimsuits and you are set for a year in Miami, with plenty of room for souvenirs!
  5. Cuisine. The flavor of Miami is like no other place on earth, having been influenced by many cultures. Cuban, Mexican and Caribbean influences abound, tempting your belly with every whiff of grilled meat that hits your nose. Street food is cheap and delicious and will add to your trip without taking too much for your wallet.
  6. Parties. Miami is undoubtedly the party capital of the USA, a legendary apex of hedonism where young and beautiful people dance under the stars until breakfast is served. Backpackers and parties go together like sunshine and beaches; it’s a match made in Miami.
  7. Art Deco Architecture. Miami is the Art Deco capital of the world, and the geometric, minimalist building shapes line the beaches and lead the way to the club. Look up, and you can say you learned something other than how to party in Miami.
  8. Shopping. There is no limit to your shopping options in this bright and colorful city. While high fashion abounds, it is just as easy to strut in five dollar shades or twenty dollar pants, and you will find many of these treasures along the streets and in the shops of Miami.
  9. Everglades. If the big city heat begins to get to you, head out to one of the most unique ecological wonders on earth, just outside of Miami where you will discover peaceful, alligator-filled wetlands.
  10. Miami is cool, probably the hippest city in America right now. Everyone goes to New York City or Los Angeles; why not be the rebel who heads south and has the time of her life eating Cuban sandwiches and dancing on the beach until dawn? Bienvenido à Miami.

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