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Zion National Park

An experience not to be missed. Trek through knee to waist high water, between high cliff walls in the Narrows or check out the many monoliths - massive rock formations that extend up to 4,000 feet in the air. Zion National Park consists of two sections, Zion Canyons in the southeast section and Kolob Canyons at the northwest section. There is a visitor center at each entrance where you can obtain information on ranger-led and self-guided tours. The closest hostels are located in Kanab and Hurricane in Utah, and Page in Arizona. ($12pp/$25 per car, 435-772-3256)

Getting There

Access Kolob Canyons Visitor Center from I-15 coming from Cedar City/St. George, Utah, and Vegas. Access Zion Canyons Visitor Center from US 9, which connects US 89 to the east from Kanab (41 miles), I-15 to the west from St. George (43 miles) & Vegas (158 miles).

Coach & Rail  
Greyhound/Trailways goes to Vegas, St. George and Cedar City; From here cars can be rented.

Things to See & Do

Hiking, biking, horseback riding and camping.

These massive rock formations extend up to 4,000 feet in the air from the road and the canyon floors. Ones to see are The Watchman at the entrance of the visitor center (2,600 ft), West Temple just inside the park (4,100 ft), and Great White Throne 3 miles past the visitor center (2,400 ft).

Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
Many popular hiking trails can be reached from this road. The Zion Lodge runs an open-air tram along the scenic drive during the summer.

Canyon Trails
From the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, you can access the following self-guided trails: Weeping Rock (1/2 mile), Canyon Overlook (1 mile), Emerald Pool and waterfalls (1.2 miles), and Riverside Walk which follows the Virgin River for 2 miles, where you can continue through the Narrows as you wade in knee to waist high water. It’s great fun.

Angels Landing
A trail with steep drop-offs on both sides; not for those with a fear of heights. Those who make the climb are well rewarded with spectacular views of Zion.

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