Conquer the Season on a Winter Campervan Road Trip

winter campervan rental in the USA

Travel in winter to discover a different side of America – one that most travelers won’t ever see. Cruise your campervan or RV across quiet landscapes dusted with silvery snow. Play like a kid on powder-covered mountains. Slow down and experience the wonders of road tripping in the off-season.
Why Travel in Winter?

  • Less expensive to rent RVs and campervans.(ask Bakpak Dave for the best deals)
  • Smaller crowds and less traffic at top attractions and national parks.
  • Most tourists go home, making it easier to get to know locals.
  • Find peace, quiet, and solitude

Where to Go in Winter?

For the bottom half of the U.S., winters are usually quite mild. You’ll need tee-shirts, not wool coats, for traveling through Southern California hotspots like San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs. Theme parks, beaches, wineries, and whale watching tours don’t miss a beat in the winter.

America’s Southwest is also pleasant in the “cold” season; check out Santa Fe, New Mexico and Lake Havasu and Sedona in Arizona. Across the Deep South, temperatures can be downright balmy along the Gulf Coast and in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. Florida is warm year-round, but don’t expect a lack of crowds in this popular winter destination.

Craving ski action and snow-capped mountains? There’s plenty of that, too – and after the holidays, the crowds go home so you’ll have the snow to yourself. Find epic runs in Colorado, California, Wyoming, Washington, and Utah. On the East Coast, the best ski resorts are in Vermont, New York, and New Hampshire.

How to Stay Safe & Warm on a Winter Road Trip

Campervan Rentals - while RVs have proper heating in the sleeping areas, you don’t have to freeze your arse off in a camperavan– but you do have to plan ahead:  

  • Make sure to ask for extra blankets when you pickup your campervan. If you need/want a sleeping bag, you can get a cheap one at Walmart, Target or outdoor shop. Some rental operators offer sleeping bag rentals.
  • About 30 minutes before you go to bed, run the heater with the engine on to warm up your sleeping area. When you shut it off, bury yourself in your blankets to stay warm.
  • Wear layers and thermal socks.
  • Campervans do come with windows curtains but you might consider covering the windows in the back with extra blankets if you can spare them.
  • Some rentals offer a small space heater which you can plug in if you are at a powered campsite. I don't really recommend this option for safety reasons.
  • Choose camping spots and parking spaces that are exposed to as much sun as possible.
  • Check the weather often. Don’t underestimate Mother Nature, especially in unfamiliar territory. Talk to locals for the low-down, and consider carrying a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and battery bank.
  • Never leave RV water hoses connected in freezing temperatures, and don’t store hoses with water in them. If you do find a frozen hose, use a hairdryer or bathroom hand dryer to thaw it out.

RV Rentals - RVs come with inside heating that you can use all night when hooked up in a campground. Often the heat is powered by propane which means you don't have to run a generator if you are not in a campground. However, winteration of RVs definitely impacts their use (see below).

RV Winterization

All motorhomes either come winterized or must be winterized when traveling in freezing conditions (32F or 0 degrees Celsius). This includes the water pipes, toilet, fresh water tanks, sinks, shower, water filter, water heater and all holding tanks. Winterization requires that the water be drained from the fresh water tank, water pipes, water filter, water heater and all waste tanks. Once the vehicle is winterized, no water can be put into the fresh water tank and cannot be hooked up to a water supply. Therefore, no water is available in the motorhome. The toilet can be used only if non-toxic RV antifreeze is used to manually rinse and flush.

Feel free to Discuss winter weather prep in detail with Bakpak Dave before booking your campervan or RV rental.

Plan Your Winter Road Trip

Grab your wool socks and get ready to roll. Get a free quote request from Bakpak Dave today and receive personalized help planning your winter RV or campervan adventure.

Article written by Shilo Urban with contributions from Bakpak Dave

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